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July Workshop Review

One of the Ladies who attended the Dingle Daisies course wrote a lovely review for her own blog, which I have copied below. Thank you Patricia :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dingle Daisies

Jenny and I did a painting workshop with Tina Reed at Killarney Art Holidays. We worked in oils and used a palette knife. It was great fun and I learned lots. Tina has a studio in a gorgeous location and she is a lovely host. As a tutor she is excellent. She demonstrates how to do things but if you don’t get it first time she will stand and watch you do it and suggest ways for you to improve your technique. I find that this is how I learn best. I may get a better finish if the tutor does it for me but in the long run I learn best if I do it myself. We painted a lovely summer picture of a Dingle roadway. We all struggled with the daisies and most of us lacked the confidence to go for the BIG daisies (you only have one chance to get it right before the colours mix). My finished work does not exactly match the photo but in the final stages I ignored the photo and in that time “I made the picture my own”. My painting will take a while to dry but it has already found a home as my lovely sister wants if for her new family space.

My work in progress
A lovely space to work in
Some of Tina’s work
Our Dingle Daisies roadway
My (almost) finished work
Lovely views down the valley


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Salon Des Refuses 2013 at Happenstance

Being rejected by The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition has the great bonus of making you eligible to apply for the Salon Des Refuses…. This was one at the Happenstance Gallery in North London. 


Happenstance Gallery

Happenstance Gallery invited artists whose work was rejected for the 2013 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition to submit their work to Salon des Refusés 2013. All submissions were accepted until we ran out of space! (We took 70 pictures in total.) So the exhibition selected itself through a combination of circumstance, opportunity and providence :)

How were the top pictures decided? 

Visitors were encouraged to vote for their favourite pictures. Over 900 votes were cast.

……………mine was voted number 8 out of 70!




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Not the Royal Academy 2013 at the Llewellyn Alexander, London SE1

This year I have another painting in the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London SE1 as part of their Salon Des Refuses, great consolation for not getting into the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy!

Sweet Pea Dance at the Llewellyn Alexander
Sweet Pea Dance








The exhibition was featured last week on The Review Show on BBC 4, along with 

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013 and The Hayward Gallery – Alternative guide to the Universe……and my painting appeared on TV (well for about 0.5 of a second, but still….:)




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Kfest Music and Art June 2013

It’s been a busy summer so far!


May 31st to June 3rd I took part in Kfest Music and Art 2013-  a festival in Killorglin, with plays, bands and 40 artists stationed around the town in pop-up galleries located in various disused buildings. I was in the old cinema- the Oisin. It was a great event to be part of, with a lot of talent, a lot of different stuff (incl a play in a phone box- max audience size 2 per show), and the unusual angle of getting into buildings that hadn’t be open in years. While I was there in the Oisin, I heard so many people reminising about the times they’d had and the dances they’d been to – there was a dance hall as well as a cinema. The original ticket dispenser is still in place as well as the rack that held the hard gums!

Aside from all that I sold 5 paintings and had a lot of interest in classes, so I was delighted :)


The Oisin Cinema
The Oisin Cinema
The Oisin
The Oisin