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New painting for January classes!

In this session we’re painting a version of Constable’s Haywain, it’s a stunning work and I’m so excited about getting started. 


The Haywain
The Haywain
Brushes used

Colours :

Daler Rowley Georgian oils, available from The Dungeon Killarney. 

French ultramarine, burnt sienna, raw sienna, naples yellow, raw umber, burnt umber, cadmium red, crimson alizarin, cobalt blue, cobalt violet, sap green, yellow green, lemon yellow, titanium white

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Autumn classes starting September 26th 2017

Hi All!
This is the new painting we’ll be doing, all step-by-step and a nice mix of brush and palette knife. Nothing too difficult to get us started, and then we’ll go on to an autumn scene using more palette knife.


The colours we use are Daler Rowney Georgian Oils, 75 ml tubes, available in The Dungeon, Killarney.

The Seashore 16x20"
The Seashore 16×20″


There are two new colours for this first painting: violet grey and cobalt blue.

The other colours are white, coeruleum hue, crimson alizarin, naples yellow, French ultramarine, raw sienna, burnt umber, paynes grey, yellow green, sap green, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, burnt sienna.

Also a flat palette, a number 25 palette knife, the graduate brush number 1 or 2, and a bigger cheap bristle brush, eg number 10 round head. Phone me if any questions, I have spares of everything, so no panic.

All available at the Dungeon in killarney! ???? Looking forward to starting back! See you all soon, Tina 

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The Mosaic at Black Sheep Hostel, Killarney, June 2017!

Adventure Racing Team-Mate and Black Sheep Hostel Owner Kevin Leahy commissioned me to create a 4m x 1.5 metre mosaic in the Hostel Garden. The theme was to be an Adventurer looking out over the Reeks Mountains! Wow, fantastic job!

Before- The Space!
Before- The Space!

The Garden is a walled area backing on to the hostel. The original stone walls are 150 years old, and in the process of being repaired by two stone-masons. Apart from a 4mx1.5m section in the middle, that is…

In the 1970s the local council decided to knock a channel for a pipe through all the adjoining gardens…and rebuilt them with ugly block. SO the plan was to put a mosaic there!


Early Stages! The sky is lighter in the distance, this will give the picture great depth, and is a good technique to use in paintings too!


Setting out all the colours. The more colour and tone, the better the end result will be, although colour must be used very carefully so the design remains clear and defined. My colour sketch is there in the pic above also!

The fields are emerging! This was about day 3, and at this stage the weather was still good!

Looking up the garden. Jim the Ozzie stone mason and general font of all knowledge, who was here on walkabout, blowing bubbles for Rosa and Gnasher the dog.








Day 4 below it started raining, and hats, coats and gezebo were needed! The mountain line went in, Caruntohil, Beenkeragh, and even the detail of the Devils Ladder! Great fun!







  We’ve had terrible trouble sourcing bright coloured tiles, particularly green and yellow. Killarney Tile and Bathroom Centre have been very patient with me routing in their skips. In the end we used yellow mugs from Dunnes for the yellow in the foreground field! Great fun smashing them up!


The figure of the adventurer has gone in at last, along with one of the foreground trees! The dark colours in the foreground really emphasise the depth in the scene, and help the light colours in the distance to recede more, adding to the dramatic 3D effect!

The weather is bad at this point, some drainage has gone in below ground  and we need to wait for the wall to dry out before getting down in the mud and doing the lower part of the wall! 

The grouting and polishing is a big part of the job, and I have really great help with this part, and some of the tiling too!