The Dingle Peninsular & Blasket Isles 40x50cm



The Dingle Peninsular & Blasket Isles 40x50cm

A traditional Irish cottage with mont-bretia lining the garden walls sits in the foreground. The mighty blaskets are in the distance, with the famous Sleeping Giant to the west.

The islands were inhabited until 1953 by a completely Irish-speaking population and today are part of the Gaeltacht. At its peak, the islands had 175 residents. The population declined to 22 by 1953. The government evacuated the remaining residents to the mainland on 17 November 1953 because of increasingly extreme weather that left the island cut off from emergency services. The evacuation was seen as necessary by both the Islanders and the government.

The palette knife creates a textured impasto in this painting, giving the impression of so much more than a photograph can capture! Framed size is 48x58cm, price includes ivory frame.


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