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Marathon ! Men’s race. 30x80cm Box canvas


This captivating piece titled “Marathon! Men’s race” depicts four silhouette runners competing in a city marathon. The atmosphere is intense and charged with the excitement of the competition. The runners’ brightly colored clothes reflect on the shining, wet road, adding a dynamic and captivating dimension to the painting.

The yellow hue of the rain behind the runners creates a unique and captivating contrast, as the runners’ silhouettes are starkly contrasted against the vibrant yellow. This visual effect gives the impression that the runners are running towards the viewer, creating a sense of movement and energy.

Despite the lack of additional detail in the painting, the artist’s use of bold brushstrokes and minimalistic style conveys the runners’ strength, stamina, and determination to complete the marathon. The canvas is 30x80cm, making it a perfect addition to any art collection or a great gift for a marathon enthusiast.

In essence, this painting is a testament to the beauty of athleticism and the power of human endurance.

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Marathon ! Men’s race. 30x80cm Box canvas

The runners compete in a city marathon. It’s been raining, and their brightly coloured clothes reflect on the shining road.


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Dimensions 80 × 4 × 30 cm