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Blue Skies over the Cuinne, Sherkin Island 50x70x4cm

Framed size 58 x 78cm

Oil on canvas, painted with the palette knife to create a textured impasto.

Walking towards Silver and Cow Strand, as you round the corner and come over a slight rise in the hill, the view opens out over the Cuinne on the right. The sea is calm in this sheltered spot at the heart of the island, and all through July ox-eye daisies line the side of the road bobbing cheerily in the breeze.


Part of my new collection  ‘From Woodland to Sherkin Shores’  August 22nd to 30th, Sherkin Island Community Hall, West Cork.

We moved to Sherkin Island a year ago from the mountains of Kerry, and it’s a whole new and wonderful experience to live on an island. One thing that strikes me is that the skies are just so vast…there’s an uninterrupted horizon-line, a bit like being on top of a mountain where you can see for miles, except you’re down with the sea at the same level. And often the skies are completely clear and calm, and the sea and sky merge together in endless tones of blue, getting lighter and lighter, there’s such a dreamy peace of clear blue skies.

Another thing that strikes me is how we are so aware of the tides and the weather, and live so closely accordingly. I find that immersion in nature and the elements completely enveloping, and a priveledge to live by. This is what I’m trying to capture in my paintings of Sherkin.

In this collection I have focussed on views of the sea over the summer hedgerows, abundant with glorious delicate wild flowers of all colours.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 78 × 5 × 58 cm