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The Duel! 40x40cm

“The Duel!” is a stunning oil painting on canvas that captures the thrilling moment of two front runners competing for position in a horse race. The painting is 40x40cm in size, with two horses depicted neck and neck while a third one is approaching from behind. The sense of speed is palpable, conveyed through the angle of the horses and the blurred background that suggests motion and energy.

Based on the famous Gold Cup at Ascot Races, the painting showcases the fierce competitiveness and determination of both horses and jockeys to emerge victorious. The bold palette knife strokes and the blurred background highlight the sense of urgency and intense energy in the scene, as if everything is at stake.

The painting’s overall effect is one of dynamic movement and power, with the horses and jockeys engaged in a combat of speed, strength, and endurance. The ivory frame (48x48cm) adds a sophisticated touch to the painting, making it a perfect addition to any art collection or a great gift for any horse racing enthusiast.

In essence, “The Duel!” is a stunning visual representation of the power and beauty of horses in motion, capturing the essence of horse racing in a single dynamic and captivating image.


The Duel! 40x40cm

Based on the Ascot Races, home to the famous Gold Cup, a flat run at Ascot over a distance of 2 miles 3 furlongs and 210 yards.  Here the horses are shown galloping furiously for the finish. Two front runners duel for position! Horse and jockey churn the turf, and the very air around them churns wildly too, everything at stake, never more alive, engaged in combat!

The blurred background and bold palette knife strokes capture the speed and energy of the race.

Framed size 48x48cm. Price includes frame (ivory).

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 48 × 4 × 48 cm