May 9th-10th 2020 

Cherry Blossom Oil Painting Weekend Course On Zoom!

I am delighted to say I have completed my first online painting weekend course with Tina.
Tina went through each step slowly and gave everyone as much time as they needed.
She had no problem repeating instructions several times. She made sure we had the laptop facing our canvas and she regularly asked us to show her our work so she could guide us better. She encouraged us and was incredibly patient.
It was lovely that whether we were in Kerry, Dublin, England or Holland we were all connected and each of us produced a painting that we could be proud of.

Thanks for the weekend Tina!
Helen, Co Kerry

Tina’s on-line Art Classes are everything you could want from an Art Class and more.

Firstly, they are accessible – the technology couldn’t be easier. Tina sends you an email with an invitation to join an art class and all you do is click on the link.

Secondly, Tina’s style of teaching is relaxed, inclusive and informative. After starting off with a blank canvas, she gently coaches you through applying the paint. She paints along with you as you are working on the picture – so all you have o do is copy her. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions and she checks on your progress throughout the session – and she so helpful with advice and encouragement.

Thirdly, it is clear that Tina is an experienced and gifted teacher. Her experience is so helpful to both the novice and experienced pupil.

The on-line classes have been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time.

I completely recommend the ease of on-line sessions. At the end you will have your own piece of artwork!

Caroline, Yorkshire UK

This was my first time doing an art class, and what a way to do it. It was very easy to follow Tina’s instructions, aspects like texture and shading being some of my favourite. I had oil pastels for the class and although they were good fun to work with, I was already trying to plan how I would track down some paints for the next time! Tina’s studio set up, made it very easy to see her drawing/painting, the image was very clear on the Zoom class and all the little tips Tina gave during the class were excellent as well. All in all, I loved the class, I was delighted to be part of it and can’t wait for some more.
Eileen, Co Cork
Tina is both an exceptionally talented artist AND a first class teacher. I had no painting experience until I did her online classes and then, with her encouragement and skill, I learnt not just a variety of techniques but also how to enjoy painting and progress in my new found hobby. I recommend her classes wholeheartedly to both beginners and experts alike.
Lesley, Scotland
Having not done any art to speak of since secondary school, the class was really accessible, with very clear instructions which helped get the basic dimensions of the picture right. It was surprisingly easy to follow what you were doing on zoom and you went at just the right pace. You also helped build everyone’s confidence and create a relaxed, fun environment, introducing everyone to the group and keeping everything light-hearted.  You gave really helpful feedback which was both encouraging and let everyone know what to focus on to improve their picture.
Sam, London UK
Dear Tina,
I really have achieved a greater understanding of perspective, in how to gauge the distances of sky, hills, land and sea, when preparing the material I’m painting the picture on.  I have found this a wonderful, fun, and inspiring way to learn from you Tina, especially having the chance to link up with your other students from all over the globe.  It’s been an amazing and very rewarding time.  I now have no fear of putting a paintbrush or pastels to work!!
Thank you so much Tina.
With great affection xx
Monica, Hertfordshire UK xx
Many thanks for this. Tina I really appreciate the classes especially at this time very therapeutic! It will a very positive memory for me!! I also learned to zoom! I had no difficulties following  your classes on zoom!! The email that you sent prior to the class helped me to be more prepared!! Great experience overall!! Learned about colours and how to get perspective into a picture!
Anne, Dublin


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