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Early Morning Autumn Joy! Muckross Woods 70x100cm


Golden light streams through the autumn trees, dazzling bright! The rich shades of gold, rust, ochre and sienna cover every inch before us in glorious abundance! It fills me with joy to walk through beautiful Muckross Woods at any time of year, particularly in Autumn! Off in the distance we can glimpse fields where herds of native red deer graze, leading on to Muckross House and the Lakes of Killarney. It is a famous part of Ireland, and hard to beat!

This is a substantial canvas, and I always think that with paintings this size, when they are hanging on the wall it is like looking through a window into another world!

Painted with the palette knife to create a textured impasto.
Oil on canvas in a contemporary ivory frame, overall framed size 108x78cm.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 4 × 70 cm

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