Glendalough- The Wicklow Way 100x70cm



Wyming Brook Drive, Sheffield 100x80cm- photograph by Caroline Veal

Caroline lives in Sheffield, and took this photograph last autumn when the autumn colours were at their peak, and strong light filtered through the trees, giving a glorious display of reds, golds, ochres… Wyming Brook Drive is a popular local walk loved by many, and below is a little information detailing its history.

In 1906 Sheffield City bought  some woodlands known as Wyming Brook
Ravine. The area is located west of the city of Sheffield and is set
amongst beautiful moorland hills.

1906 was a time of great unemployment in Sheffield and a local Distress
Committee looked to ways to employ people who had no work.

It was decided to build  a lightly constructed road from the top of the
ravine to the bottom.  The road was not to be suitable for cars or heavy
traffic but was there for walkers to enjoy the magnificent walk from the
top to the bottom. The walk joined two local reservoirs that were
situated at the top and bottom of the ravine. It took six years to build
using unskilled and unemployed men.

The beautiful walk is still enjoyed by the people of Sheffield today.

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