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Glendalough- The Wicklow Way 100x70cm


Description: Glendalough is a breathtaking part of Ireland, boasting a picturesque landscape that is truly captivating on a bright autumn day. The painting “Glendalough – The Wicklow Way” depicts a beautiful country road, with a grassy knoll on the left and a tree canopy of reds and oranges on the right, giving the impression of an autumnal paradise. The road is surrounded by stunning deciduous trees, and the Wicklow Way trail leads off into the distance.

The painting has been executed in oil on canvas with a textured impasto technique, using a palette knife to create a rich, three-dimensional effect that brings the trees to life. The filtered sunlight falling across the path creates a beautiful dappled effect, and the shadows of the trees provide a clear route ahead. The painting conveys a sense of tranquility and serenity that is sure to capture the imagination of anyone who views it.

The canvas measures 100x70cm, while the framed size is 118x88cm, with an ivory frame that is included in the price. This beautiful painting is a wonderful reminder of the natural beauty of Glendalough and would make a stunning addition to any collection.


Glendalough is such a beautiful part of Ireland, with magnificent deciduous trees that are just stunning on a bright autumn day. Here the Wicklow Way climbs up from the Visitor Centre and the trail leads off into the distance. Filtered sunlight falls across the path and shadows of the trees mark the route ahead.

Oil on canvass using the palette knife to make a textured impasto.

Canvas size: 100x70cm

Framed size: 118x 88cm (price includes ivory frame)

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 4 × 70 cm