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Gulls Alighting on the Wild Shore 30x60cm


Gulls alight on the beach, racing in to get to the shore! It’s a windy day and they land in a turmoil of squalking and clamour, thereby alerting each other to something at the shoreline. Some tasty fish that have washed up maybe…or maybe a false alarm, but either way each gull jostles with the next to be the first, and to survive!

Living here on Sherkin Island we are surrounded by the sea, immersed in the peace of nature and it’s timeless patterns. Even on a wild day there is peace in the predictability of the tides and the cycle of life.

The black and white of the gulls makes a crisp contrast against the strong blues of the sea and the warm tones of the sandy beach. Dappled reflections at the water’s edge and the impressionistic sweeps of the palette knife bring mystery and interest to this contemporary artwork.

Painted with the palette knife to create a textured impasto.
Oil on canvas in a contemporary ivory frame, overall framed size 38x68cm.

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Dimensions 30 × 4 × 60 cm