The Riverwalk Killarney 150x120cm



This painting is one of a series of 4 large paintings that I completed this autumn. It depicts a well known walk in Killarney National Park, The Riverwalk, which follows the River Deenagh from the Demesne entrance down to Lough Leane. All the colours of autumn are in their full glory. Shades of rust, ochre, gold and yellow adorn the trees which form an arch down the full length of the Riverwalk as far as the eye can see, eventually disappearing into the bright sunlight. The River reflects the autumn colours, and the shallow waters rush over the stones, or form still eddies where the bank creates shelter.

The four paintings in this series are the biggest I’ve done, and took quite some time to carry out.

They are painted with the palette knife, using an impasto technique, and in the foreground each leaf is nearly visible!

I wanted to paint on this scale to give the full impact of the bright autumn light filtering through the autumn trees, casting brightly contrasting shadows across the paths and fallen leaves. The big scale also means the strong perspective of the path leading into the scene has huge impact. You really could walk right into the painting! The other reason I so enjoyed working on such a large scale was the amount of movement I could get into the canvas. I was literally dancing from one side of the canvas to the other, bringing in diagonals and lines drawing the eye endlessly from one side to the other, much as the wind swirls through the woodland trees.

Each of the four paintings in the series is truly a unique work of art, and I have seen people gasp with surprise and delight when they see each one, and tell me that they are so uplifting and cheerful to see. It is happiness on canvas.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss, or look for advice on how it would fit into your home. It’s not actually as big as you might think, and would fit above a table, or on a feature wall in a normal sized home.