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Up Through The Autumn Tree Tops 70x100cm

Title: Up Through The Autumn Tree Tops 70x100cm

Description: Experience the magic of autumn in Muckross Woods, Killarney with this stunning oil on canvas painting. Look up towards the sky through the tall trees, their leaves ablaze with shades of yellow, orange, rust and gold, contrasted perfectly against the bright blue sky. This unique perspective offers a refreshing break from the typical horizontal perspective, giving you a new appreciation for the majesty of these trees. The canvas size is 100x70cm, and the framed size is 108x78cm, with the frame included in the price.

Expertly crafted using a palette knife, this painting captures the essence of autumn in all its glory. The impasto technique used creates a textured effect, adding depth and richness to the painting. Hang it in your home or office to bring the beauty of autumn indoors and enjoy the vibrant colors all year round.



When the autumn leaves are bright in all their glorious shades of yellow, orange, rust and gold, I love to gaze upwards to the tree tops and see the bright blue sky against the thinning leaves. That combination of yellows against blue is just so cheerful and alive! The tall tree trunks here in Muckross Woods, Killarney, disappear upwards meeting way up at dizzying heights. I just love this alternative vertical perspective. We are so used to looking ahead at a horizontal perspective! Here in this painting we are gazing up and up through to the very tops of the magnificent autumn trees!

Canvas size: 100x70cm

Framed Size: 108x78cm Price includes frame