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Exhibition Sherkin Island Community Hall, August 22nd-30th 2022


‘From Woodland to Sherkin Shores‘     August 2022

Our Sherkin Household!

We moved to Sherkin a year ago from the mountains and woodlands of Kerry, and it’s a whole new and wonderful experience to live on an island.

One thing that strikes me is that the skies are just so vast…there’s an uninterrupted horizon-line, a bit like being on top of a mountain where you can see for miles, except you’re down with the sea at the same level. And often the skies are completely clear, and the sea and sky merge together in endless tones of blue, getting lighter and lighter. There’s such peacefulness in clear blue skies.

Another thing that strikes me is how we are so aware of the tides and the weather and live so closely accordingly. I find that immersion in nature and the elements completely enveloping, and a privilege to live by.

This is what I’m trying to capture in my paintings of Sherkin.



In this collection I have focussed on views of the sea over the summer hedgerows, abundant with glorious delicate wildflowers of all colours.

I have really enjoyed getting to know these very special views, and hope you enjoy seeing them here.

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New Colour Mixing Tutorial!

I’ve made a colour mixing tutorial as a reference guide to use with the Zoom classes, and it’s going down well!

Here’s some of the feedback:

Hi Tina. I followed you on the video yesterday and was fascinated by  the new colours. Some are especially lovely e.g.the 3:1  crimson and ultramarine  and the 1:1 cad yellow and crimson. I will certainly consult my chart of mixtures whenever I’m painting and will use your tips for  grass.and shadows. These mixtures will produce lovely results and also save time. Thank you.
See you tomorrow
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Zoom Classes -a big hit!

Weekend Courses

We’ve now completed 3 weekend courses- Cherry Blossom, Bluebells and Gougane Barra. Lots more to come, and some spaces still available- see courses page!

Gougane Barra – June Weekend Course
Cherry Blossom -May Weekend Course







Tuesday Weekly Classes

We’re now halfway through a 4-week  class block of classes, painting Ballybunion Beach! So excited about the new direction things are taking, and really enjoying meeting everyone each week for some painting on-line!

Week 1 Ballybunion Tuesday Class
Week 2 Ballybunion Tuesday Class



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Lockdown! No stopping us! Keep painting with my on-line classes via Zoom!

I’m having great fun keeping us connected and painting! It’s not the same as classes where we’re all in the same room, but it does have the advantage that you can be anywhere in the world and still join in a session!

Result! Zoom has a great function, where I can highlight any participant and have a close look at their work!

Some pictures from last week:

Top marks to Mary for recreating the painting on a cake using buttercream!!! Star!
Gallery View on zoom, everyone with their finished paintings! A mixture of oils, acrylics and coloured pencils!
And there’s me in the studio, two cameras, two screens, step-by-step!