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We moved to Sherkin a year ago from the mountains and woodlands of Kerry, and it’s a whole new and wonderful experience to live on an island. One thing that strikes me is that the skies are just so vast…there’s an uninterrupted horizon-line, a bit like being on top of a mountain where you can see for miles, except you’re down with the sea at the same level. And often the skies are completely clear, and the sea and sky merge together in endless tones of blue, getting lighter and lighter. There’s such peacefulness in clear blue skies. Another thing that strikes me is how we are so aware of the tides and the weather and live so closely accordingly. I find

Sometimes when I'm sitting in the studio painting away and listening to the radio I hear something that makes me really mad. This was a chat about cosmetic surgery, everyone is at it apparently, which surprised me tbh. They were all very serious about it so I texted in with my tuppence worth, and before I knew it I was on the phone waiting for the ad break to end and Ciara Kelly to introduce me! Very exciting! So I told Ciara how you could look better for free if you took exercise, and this led nicely on to the recent 200km foot race I had just completed. Great opportunity to blow my own trumpet, and of course get a dig

Thrilled to bits with the stand this year! Delighted to display my four latest large-size autumn scenes from Killarney National Park, and a great range of runners, florals and horses. 13 sales and 4 commissions. Amazing to see the big paintings up, and the impact they had on the visitors!  The Black Bridge stayed up in Dublin, going to a new home, and lots of measuring and interest on the other three! Lovely to meet up with all my artist friends, and to chat to so many people. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity.

In this session we're painting a version of Constable's Haywain, it's a stunning work and I'm so excited about getting started. Daler Rowley Georgian oils, available from The Dungeon Killarney. French ultramarine, burnt sienna, raw sienna, naples yellow, raw umber, burnt umber, cadmium red, crimson alizarin, cobalt blue, cobalt violet, sap green, yellow green, lemon yellow, titanium white